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Fercas Cleaning


Fercas Cleanings, began his career over 25 years, and today, with its experience, has become a Catalan company leader in the sector of cleaning. Consisting of a great team, committed, responsible, professional and specialized offers its customers a top quality service and qualified in order to meet their needs and differentiate into the sector.

Currently fully staffed and fixed formations are made continuous research and development to customize the cleaning service for each of our clients. Using products approved for each service carefully to maintain existing furniture and office in every community, you control the service performed on a daily basis by a team of supervisors.

The main strategy and philosophy of Fercas Cleanings, is to continue offering a wide range of cleaning services of the highest quality, ensuring the loyalty and trust of our customers, and a personalized study a price as attractive as possible in each of our departments (cleaning of stairs neighbors, offices, parking, late work, anti-graffiti, glass, and in the supervision of lighting, polished floor and the supply and fitting of accessories.